Jun 22, 2017

Using operational landscape units to guide local adaptation strategies for San Francisco Bay

As sea level rise accelerates in the San Francisco Bay, scientists, planners, and decision makers will need to re-envision and adapt our complex shoreline to provide ecological and social resilience. Although there are many efforts currently underway in the region to assess climate change vulnerabilities, the region lacks a coherent science-based framework for guiding and evaluating climate adaptation strategies appropriate to our diverse shoreline settings. Funded by the Regional Water Quality Control Board, and in collaboration with SPUR, this project creates a new way of looking at the Bay: defining practical, science-based landscape units focusing on the baylands and the shoreline ("Operational Landscape Units") to facilitate a geographically-specific set of integrated adaptation strategies at the appropriate scale to address issues of both the natural and built environment. This project is in early stages, and will run through 2018.


Programs and Focus Areas: 
Resilient Landscapes Program