Flow measurement quality assurance focuses on verification of the stage-discharge relationship at the monitoring site and checking and recalibration of the sensors deployed at each site. At each of the USGS and USBR sites (Sites A,B,D,E, F and N), quality assurance protocols will be carried out in accordance with the USGS QAPP for the GBP (Appendix D in the GBP QAPP). This Plan describes the tasks performed during routine site maintenance, including cleaning and recalibration of sensors, comparing flow gauging with conventional current meter measurements taken from bridges, and in stream by wading and by boat, and computation of shifts in the stage-discharge rating.

A QAPP for the GBD sites Camp 13 Canal (Site J) and the Santa Fe Canal (Site M) will be prepared by Summers Engineering. At both of these sites the height of water passing over the weir boards is related to canal discharge. The plan will call for current metered surveys of the canal discharge and development of a standard rating curve for each site. The plan will also establish a methodology for determining the expected flow error at each site.