The monitoring plan is designed as a coordinated effort among USBR, USFWS, USGS, CVRWQCB, CDFG, and SLD-MWA. The monitoring plan has been designed to incorporate, where possible, the existing monitoring efforts of participating agencies. The monitoring plan is conceived as a working document which will be modified periodically, based on a review of the data relative to the project objectives and commitments. Should certain monitoring efforts appear to add little to the understanding of conditions resulting from this project, they may be reduced or eliminated. Conversely, should monitoring objectives or project commitments not be met or satisfactorily evaluated by the current plan, the effort may be expanded.

Each agency has responsibility for collecting and analyzing the data associated with its particular area of expertise. USBR will collect sediment data. USGS and USBR will collect flow data. USFWS and CDFG will collect biological data. CVRWQCB will collect water quality data. SLD-MWA will, through its consultant, perform sediment quantity surveys and collect toxicity data. The monitoring effort of USFWS and CDFG will overlap with that of other agencies in those cases where USFWS or CDFG collect water and sediment data concurrently with their biota collections.

An independent data manager will be contracted to ensure that the results of the monitoring efforts of all agencies are compiled into monthly, quarterly and annual reports. The data manager will perform additional quality control/quality assurance tasks and develop and manage an accessible data base, in order to prepare accurate and timely data reports.