The Monitoring Plan is divided into six sections. Section 1.0 (Introduction) describes the framework of the GBP and summarizes the Project. Section 2.0 (Previous Studies and Other Monitoring Programs) summarizes the past and present data monitoring effort undertaken in the Grassland Subarea. The reader will note that this monitoring plan is designed to utilize on-going monitoring, so as to reduce duplication of effort. Section 3.0 (Monitoring Plan Approach) discusses the objectives of the overall Project and the monitoring plan in particular. It describes the approach which is taken in the plan to accomplish the monitoring plan objectives. Section 4.0 (Monitoring Plan Tasks) provides the substance of the monitoring plan, describing in some detail the individual monitoring tasks and their rationale. This section includes a description of monitoring for flow, water quality, sediment, biota, and toxicity. Section 5.0 (Project Management) describes the project organization and decision-making structure. Section 6.0 (References) includes a list of reference material which supports the assumptions and design of the monitoring plan.