Lowe, S.; Huck, K.; Misico, A.; Scirbe, L.; Sussman, D. 2023. Lahontan Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program’s 20-Year Water Quality Review and Program Recommendations. SFEI Contribution No. 1110. San Francisco Estuary Institute: Richmond. CA. p 137.

This 20-year water quality monitoring status and trends report for the Lahontan Water Board’s Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program (Regional SWAMP) provides an overview of the environmental settings across the Region to give the reader a sense of the diverse ecological landscape, land uses, distribution and abundance of aquatic resources, and fire history. It includes a retrospective analysis of the Regional SWAMP’s ongoing, targeted water quality monitoring results (2000 - 2021), and concludes by presenting an adaptive monitoring and assessment framework (adapted from the California Wetlands Monitoring Workgroup's Wetland and Riparian Monitoring Plan, known as "WRAMP").  The framework was used to review the program and recommend future monitoring changes to improve efficiencies and address some of the recommendations listed in the Regional SWAMP's 2019 Core Program Review.