Oct 14, 2014

The RMP Update summarizes findings from 12 recent months of research by top scientists on the health and water quality trends in the San Francisco Bay Estuary. The report highlights the “RMP Top Ten”: a list of recent activities and accomplishments. In a new "ebook" format, accessible on any browser, the RMP Update now offers new ways to interact with the content.

The RMP Update is published in even years, most recently in 2014. The purpose of the RMP Update is to provide a concise overview of recent RMP activities and findings, and a look ahead to significant products anticipated in the next two years.
The report includes:

  • a brief summary of some of the most note-worthy findings of this multifaceted Program;
  • a description of the management context that guides the Program;
  • a summary of progress in and plans for addressing priority water quality topics; and
  • the latest monitoring results and updated trend plots for key pollutants, water quality indicators, and factors that influence Bay water quality.

In odd years, we publish The Pulse, which provides an in-depth summary of the latest information on Bay water quality.

Programs and Focus Areas: 
Clean Water Program
Bay Regional Monitoring Program