Miller Creek was recently recognized by EPA biologist Rob Leidy as a high priority watershed for
protection and restoration within the greater San Francisco Bay System This high priority score is based on the evaluation of 11-15 ecological and physical factors such as abundance and diversity of native fish and amphibians, flow conditions (no dams), habitat connectivity and condition of streamside vegetation. These factors were combined to produce a functional index of stream health. While most East Marin streams receive high ecological scores in the EPA report, Miller Creek’s smaller watershed size (12 square miles), concerned populace, homogeneous land use (primarily residential), native fisheries, and extensive riparian (streamside) areas make it a particularly suitable location for restoration efforts. Miller Creek is free flowing for eight miles from the top of Big Rock Ridge into San Pablo Bay.

The Friends of Miller Creek were formed during the late 1990’s in response to local flooding and bank
erosion concerns. Currently, the Friends of Miller Creek meet as a subcommittee of the Lucas Valley
Homeowners Association. The Friends are now exploring opportunities to work at the watershed scale
and are interested in initiating the planning so they can begin to submit grants for project implementation.

The County of Marin and community members are interested in producing a watershed plan in
collaboration with the Friends of Miller Creek. The purpose of this project is to not only
support the efforts of the Miller Creek watershed group, but to share the information developed
with other fledgling groups in the North Bay. This proposal is consistent with NBWA watershed
stewardship planning policy to support efforts to protect and restore habitat for special status species
within the NBWA region and to integrate flood protection, stormwater management and habitat
enhancement activities.


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