Since 1993, this element of the RMP focused on monitoring and understanding suspended sediment dynamics in the Estuary through the monitoring of suspended sediments at key locations in the Estuary. This work has yielded many insights into sediment and contaminant dynamics in the Estuary, as summarized in articles by Dr. Schoellhamer in the 2003 Pulse of the Estuary and the 2005 Pulse of the Estuary.

The proposed sites for 2014 were: Alcatraz, Mallard Island, Benicia, Richmond Bridge, Dumbarton Bridge, and Pier 15 (The Exploratorium). The Richmond Bridge site replaced the Point San Pablo in 2006 because the pier was structurally unsound.

The USGS is also measuring water discharge and sediment flux at the Dumbarton Bridge.


Maureen Downing-Kunz, USGS in Sacramento, California

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