Project Overview

This project identified indicators of watershed condition and stewardship, and management action performance measures that can be used in a wide range of plans and programs for the North Bay Watershed Association (NBWA). This was the first effort at scoring regional watershed health specifically for the North Bay.

Several questions were addressed:
1) What are the problems in this watershed?
2) How severe are these problems?
3) How can progress of meeting regulatory thresholds be tracked?

To link measurable indicators and performance measures, five categories established in the North Bay Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (IRWMP) were used for the indicator/performance measure framework: Water Supply, Water Quality, Habitat Enhancement, Recreation and Public Education, and Flood Protection.

Expected applications for the results of this work include:
• Watershed Plans
• Stormwater Programs
• Specific projects (e.g. bank stabilization, flood control, vegetation)
• Regional planning efforts

We expected these applications to be two-fold: to track progress at implementing projects or reaching other goals, and/or for measuring improved conditions for habitat or water quality over time. We hope that this overall effort benefited a collective knowledge and strengthened the basis for understanding watershed health



The Bay Institute
Sonoma Ecology Center
Marin County Public Works
Napa County Planning

Project Funder

North Bay Watershed Association


Programs and Focus Areas: 
Clean Water Program
Location Information