Scientific Monitoring and CCMP Priorities
SFEI continued to assist SFEP in revising the first edition of the CCMP (1993) by assisting with the development of performance measures and making priority actions more specific based on the most recent scientific information. This effort demonstrated closer relationships between scientific findings and setting priorities for CCMP implementation (e.g. pesticide runoff from urban and agricultural areas, and characterization of toxic episodes and specific causes of aquatic toxicity; development of TMDLS; development of environmental condition indicators and performance measures that can be used for public education and awareness as well as linking policy development, guidance to implementers, and management actions to tracking environmental outcomes). SFEI was involved in planning the 2007 State of the Estuary Conference, with emphasis on a session updating conference participants on performance measure and indicator development. Work also included participation in National Estuary Program meetings.

Tracking Habitat for SFEP
SFEI supported the web-based Wetland Project Tracker, as well as SFEP’s GPRA report process. US EPA requires SFEP to annually track habitat – the acquisition, restoration and enhancement of wetlands and riparian habitat. The information is reported as part of the Government Performance Reporting Act. SFEI worked with SFEP, its partners, ABAG and the San Francisco Bay Water Board to provide this information to US EPA.

Refinement of Ecosystem Indicators for the San Francisco Estuary
US EPA requires all NEPs to develop and implement a suite of ecosystem indicators for their estuaries. An Indicator Development Consortium has been formed under SFEP and members include: SFEI, The Bay Institute, PRBO Conservation Science, and Center for Ecosystem Management and Restoration. SFEI continued to work with the Indicator Development Consortium and SFEP, funds are needed for:

  • Refining and obtaining agreement on candidate indicators and seeking commitments for ongoing financial and programmatic support for indictors and performance measures
  • Supporting the advisory team’s work to identify a subset of indicators considered useful in the assessment of the environmental condition related to the CCMP and other indicators considered important
  • Assisting SFEP with completing annual GPRA Report on Indicators as required by US EPA.

Wetlands Monitoring Review Maintenance
The Wetlands Regional Monitoring Program, a component of the Wetlands Restoration Program for the San Francisco Bay needed support to update and maintain the contents of the WRP website. SFEI used as the WRP site and added new information such as meeting minutes and updated protocols as they were created. Information was added as directed by the Wetland Monitoring Group Chair and committee.


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San Francisco Estuary Partnership (SFEP)

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