Feb 24, 2015

SFEI is the science lead for the San Francisco Bay Nutrient Science and Management Strategy, which is developing the science needed for informed decisions about managing nutrient loads and maintaining beneficial uses within the Bay. Two recent products highlight key initiatives of this Program.


  1. Moored Sensor Program Progress Update: To better assess the Bay’s condition, and to collect high frequency data to calibrate water quality models, the RMP is funding a moored sensor network. Beginning in summer 2013, sensors for chlorophyll, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, temperature, and other parameters were deployed at three stations in Lower South Bay and South Bay. This report presents observations and results on year 1 of this program, including insights on sensor accuracy and calibration, protocols for sensor maintenance and operation, initial interpretations of data, the value of moored sensor data, and recommendations for year 2 and beyond.
  2. Detailed Modeling Workplan for FY15-FY21: The Nutrient Strategy calls for developing models to quantitatively characterize the Bay’s response to nutrient loads; explore ecosystem response under future environmental conditions; and evaluate the effectiveness of load reduction scenarios and other scenarios that mitigate or prevent impairment. The RMP convened experts in 2013 and 2014 to advise on developing the region’s approach to nutrient modeling. This document presents a detailed workplan for the initial stages of model development and application.
Programs and Focus Areas: 
Clean Water Program