Jul 1, 2016

A series of reports on findings from the RMP Small Tributaries Loading Strategy (STLS) is now available.  The STLS provides information that supports the implementation of the Municipal Regional Stormwater Permit (MRP).  STLS studies conducted during the first term of the MRP (2009-2015) were summarized in a synthesis report.  The primary emphasis of these studies was to define baseline concentrations and loads in six watersheds and to refine estimates of overall loads to the Bay by developing and using a GIS-based regional watershed “spreadsheet” model.  The second term of the MRP places an increased focus on finding watersheds, sources areas, and source properties that are potentially more polluted and are therefore more likely to be cost effective areas for addressing load reduction requirements.  To support this increased focus, a stormwater characterization monitoring program was developed and implemented beginning in Water Year (WY) 2015.