Jun 29, 2018

Sediment delivered from watersheds is a precious and dwindling resource for the Bay. The goal for wetland restoration around the Bay is to restore 100,000 acres. A total of $0.5 billion from Measure AA will be invested to reach this goal. However, preliminary estimates show that there is not enough sediment for these projects, even if all the sediment delivered to the Bay were used. The deficit gets even larger when sea level rise is considered. Therefore, knowing how much sediment is being delivered from which watersheds and changes in the supply over time is critical. The U.S. Geological Survey teamed up with the Regional Monitoring Program to answer this question in a new RMP report.  Estuary News, the newsletter of the San Francisco Estuary Partnership, has highlighted this RMP report on sediment supply in its latest issue. The newsletter was released this week and can be found at: http://www.sfestuary.org/estuary-news/. 

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