Sep 1, 2016

SFEI's Data Services team adds new datasets monthly to the San Francisco Bay-Delta Regional Data Center (RDC) database, increasing public access to environmental data collected within the San Francisco Bay and Delta. This data can be visualized and downloaded through the Contaminant Data Display and Download tool ( The data are CEDEN compatible, exchanged weekly with the State Board and can be analyzed along with datasets from other programs. More >  

Datasets recently added for the Bay Area include:

  • Data from the Regional Monitoring Coalition (RMC) for 2015 toxicity analyses
  • Data for the Regional Monitoring Program's (RMP) 2015 water quality and water toxicity studies
  • 2014 and 2015 RMP sport fish data from multiple projects

Dataset currently being uploaded for the Bay Area include: 

  • 2015 RMC water chemistry and bioassessment data

Datasets recently added for the Delta include:

  • Delta Regional Monitoring Program (DRMP) year 1 pathogens data
  • Legacy Delta datasets supported by the DEDUCE project that include aquatic toxicity and water chemistry data from the Pelagic Organism Decline (POD) studies
  • Data from the Sacramento Regional Watershed Program

Dataset currently being uploaded for the Delta include: 

  • Legacy datasets supported by the DEDUCE project for Cache and Putah creek toxicity studies
  • Sacramento County Regional Sanitation District data

Future uploads will include data for Prop 84, data from the Klamath basin, Delta RMP pesticide data for year 1 and many more datasets. Questions about specific datasets and their position in the upload queue should be directed to [email protected].

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