Sep 6, 2016

Data uploaded to SFEI’s Regional Data Center (RDC) are available through various data visualization and access tools developed by SFEI and other partners. SFEI works with different data providers in the San Francisco Bay-Delta and northern montane regions, such as the Bay and Delta Regional Monitoring Programs, to upload their CEDEN comparable data to SFEI’s RDC. As one of the State’s four regional data centers, SFEI exchanges data with CEDEN on a weekly basis.

After data have been approved for display, users can visualize and access their data, along with data from other projects, in various tools depending on their reporting needs. For example, Contaminant Data Display and Download (CD3) visualizes data from SFEI’s RDC and provides spatial querying and dynamic charting capabilities; EcoAtlas displays CEDEN water and sediment toxicity data along with other related water quality datasets, such as habitat projects and CRAM assessments, within a landscape and watershed context; and CEDEN’s query tool provides access to information for individual stations, as well as to all of the datasets uploaded to CEDEN.

Programs and Focus Areas: 
Environmental Informatics Program
Data Services