Feb 18, 2016

KTVU's Steve Paulson interviewed Robin Grossinger and Erin Beller of SFEI to learn how their historical ecology work in Napa has shed light on ways that natural processes might help, rather than hinder, flood protection strategies.

The two scientists describe the practice of historical ecology, its rigor and its challenges, as well as what light it can shed on ways to work with a watershed's potential to yield more optimized ecosystem services. The Napa River is a key location highlighted for the many benefits of its restoration. Industry and impervious surfaces have been replaced by marsh and salmon- and beaver-spawning habitat. In turn, these environments offer protection from adverse flood conditions, if managed appropriately. Historical ecology research provides insights to help guide more sustainable techniques for environments of multiple use and multiple benefit.

See the following video for another illustration of ways that SFEI's influential message about restoring natural watershed processes is connecting meaningfully with a mainstream audience.

Steve Paulson
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