Oct 6, 2017

Hard copies of the 25th anniversary edition of the Pulse of the Bay are disappearing fast!  This edition celebrates the 25th anniversary of the RMP with a look back at the history of the program, along with articles on emerging contaminants, nutrients, and the Bay margins. Other highlights of this edition of the Pulse are the early indications of the effects of five years of epic drought followed by a similarly historic wet season in 2016/2017. Varying rainfall had a tremendous effect on flows to the Bay, not only from rivers and streams, but also from municipal wastewater due to water conservation. The far-reaching impacts of the high flows are still unfolding, but the 2016/2017 water year will go down as one of exceptional pollutant inputs (including likely the highest recorded mercury loads from the Guadalupe River) and Bay water quality. The Pulse also presents the latest information on the important issue of contamination in Bay fish.

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To obtain copies please send an email to Jay Davis ([email protected]).

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Bay Regional Monitoring Program