Monitoring San Francisco Bay for microplastics - photo by Plus M Productions
September 18, 2017 - 10:00am

5 Gyres and SFEI have begun field work for the SF Bay Microplastics Project, a two year investigation on microplastics in San Francisco Bay and the adjacent marine sanctuaries, in August and September. 

This project includes multiple scientific components to develop improved knowledge of microplastic pollution in the Bay Area:  

  • Baseline microplastic monitoring in San Francisco Bay surface water, sediment, and fish 
  • Monitoring in National Marine Sanctuary surface waters outside of the Golden Gate
  • Characterization of microplastics in treated wastewater and stormwater flowing into the Bay
  • Rigorous method development and standardization 
  • Development of modeling tools to link Bay contamination to adjacent Sanctuaries
  • Data-driven policy options for the Bay Area developed with leading national and regional experts 
  • Share findings with regional stakeholders and the public  

To celebrate the commencement of the project, we have invited key members of the science, policy, industry, and media communities in the Bay Area to join us in one of our sample collection efforts. Together we can examine the issue of microplastic pollution and potential innovative solutions for the Bay.

For more information, please contact:

Carolynn Box – 5 Gyres

Meg Sedlak – SFEI

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