June 13, 2019 - 9:30am to 4:00pm
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San Francisco Estuary Institute

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Clean Water Program
Bay Regional Monitoring Program
PDF icon 20190613 TRC Meeting Agenda Package_final.pdf6.47 MB
PDF icon 2020 Special Study Proposals Summary - Detailed Summary.pdf69.82 KB
PDF icon 2020 Special Study Proposals Summary - Short Summary.pdf63.45 KB
PDF icon EC01_strategyProposal2020_TRC.pdf146.04 KB
PDF icon EC02_StormwaterCECs2020_TRC.pdf188.81 KB
PDF icon EC03_BPs and sunscreen in effluent 2020_SC - Updated Cost for 3 Blanks.pdf204.03 KB
PDF icon EC04_Pharmaceutical proposal 2020_TRC_final.pdf244.68 KB
PDF icon MP01_Strategy Proposal - Final 2020.pdf136.67 KB
PDF icon MP02_Stormwater Conceptual Model Draft for TRC 2020.pdf226.05 KB
PDF icon MP03_Microplastic in Sportfish Proposal - Final 2020.pdf195.06 KB
PDF icon Nutrients01_moored sensors.pdf282.04 KB
PDF icon Nutrients02_channel monitoring.pdf74.57 KB
PDF icon PCB01_PCB Strategy Support and Coordination 2020.pdf80.82 KB
PDF icon PCB02 PCB Loading and Distribution in Steinberger-Redwood v3.pdf193.53 KB
PDF icon SedWG02_USGS Whole Bay Erosion and Accretion Update.pdf725.28 KB
PDF icon SedWG02_USGS Whole Bay Erosion and Accretion Update.pdf725.28 KB
PDF icon SedWG03_MacWilliams - GoldenGateSedimentFluxModeling 2020.pdf2.18 MB
PDF icon SedWG04_Sediment Bioaccumulation Proposal 2020.pdf207.51 KB
PDF icon SedWG05_Sed Modeling Strategy-FINAL 2020.pdf75.07 KB
PDF icon SeWG01_Strategy Coordination and Technical Support 2020.pdf518.42 KB
PDF icon SeWG02_North Bay Clam and Water Revised.pdf61.18 KB
PDF icon SPL01_STLS Program Management 2020.pdf56.88 KB
PDF icon SPL02_POC monitoring 2020.pdf98.09 KB
PDF icon SPL03_Regional model for stormwater management 2020.pdf63.16 KB
PDF icon SPL04_Advanced Data Analysis III 2020.pdf49.89 KB
PDF icon SPL05_Monitoring Strategy and Trends Monitoring 2020.pdf122.88 KB