September 8, 2015 - 12:00am

San Francisco Bay is far healthier now than a few decades ago, thanks to the federal Clean Water Act and impressive state and local efforts. But early signs point to potential new sources of pollution: Stain resistant or flame retardant chemicals that leach from consumer goods, medicines and pesticides flowing from urban centers, and toxic algae fed by excess nutrients.

Dr. Rebecca Sutton, senior scientist with the San Francisco Estuary Institute, studies toxic chemicals in people, our products, and the environment. She outlines the challenges and new approaches needed to protect the health of the Bay, highlighting the Bay area as a place of true leadership in seeking proactive, collaborative solutions for new pollution problems before they can cause harm. 

Friends of Five Creeks presents Bay Currents Talks on Bay Area nature and environmental issues, emphasizing positive solutions

St. Alban’s Parish Hall, 1501 Washington Ave. (at Curtis), Albany

Refreshments 7 PM, talks begin promptly at 7:30. FREE!

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