Maps of RMP sampling stations are included as attachments below.

A key for the sampling stations is available here. For a map of all historical stations click here.

For more detailed information regarding sampling cruises from each year, visit the RMP Monitoring Plans & Reports by Year Matrix.

For the locations of stations sampled in 2012, please refer to the most recent issue of the AMR:

Chapter 2 for Sediment: (PDF)

Chapter 3 for Bivalves: (PDF)


Sampling Stations
2011-2018 Sediment Target Sites 2011-2019 Water Target Sites 2011 - 2019 All Target Sites (.kml)
 2011 (JPEG)  2011 (JPEG) Files for Google Earth (ZIP)
 2012 (JPEG)  2013 (JPEG)  
 2014 (JPEG)  2015 (JPEG)  
 2016 (JPEG)  2017 (JPEG)  
 2018 (JPEG)  2019 (JPEG)  
 2011-2018 (DOC)  2011-2019 (DOC)  
2011 2010 2009
Water and Sediment (PDF)  All Matrices (PDF) Water and Sediment (PDF)
Sediment (JPEG) Sediment (JPEG) Sediment (JPEG)
Water (JPEG) Water (JPEG) Water (JPEG)
2008 2007 2006
Bivalve (JPEG) Sediment (JPEG) Bivalve (JPEG)
Sediment (JPEG) Water (JPEG) Sediment (JPEG)
Water (JPEG)   Water (JPEG)
 2005  2004 2003
Bivalve (JPEG) Bivalve (JPEG) Bivalve (JPEG)
Sediment (JPEG) Sediment (JPEG) Sediment (JPEG)
Water (JPEG) Water (JPEG) Water (JPEG)
Bivalve (JPEG)    
Sediment (JPEG)    
Water (JPEG)