Tool download, installation, & dependencies

The Landscapes Scenario Planning Tool (LSPT) version 2.0.1 is an ArcPy Toolbox designed for ArcGIS Pro (tested on version 2.8) and Python 3.7 with ArcPy (installed with ArcGIS). Python libraries used are either packaged by default with Python or pre-installed with ArcGIS/ArcPy (e.g. NumPy). Learn more about the project behind this tool.

The LSPT is meant to work out-of-the-box and no specific installation process is required aside from downloading and unzipping the tool contents. The zipped folder containing the tool should be unzipped in the user’s preferred directory, and then navigated to within ArcGIS. See “Tool Workflow” for additional instructions.

Because of the raster analyses performed, certain modules (fish support, inundation, subsidence, and carbon) also require the Spatial Analyst extension. The advanced license of ArcGIS is recommended for use of the erase analysis tool. A workaround is built in the LSPT if this is not available (using a two-step process of union and select), but it may slow down certain processes.

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