October 4, 2011 - 12:00am

The RMP Annual Meeting was held on Tuesday, October 4, 2011 at the Oakland Marriott City Center. The meeting focused on pollutant effects on aquatic life, and featured a keynote presentation by Dan Schlenk, University of California Riverside, on contaminant effects on fish. The meeting also provided updates on the recently released water quality report card, monitoring and effects studies on fish, birds, and seals, and the status of the RMP nutrients strategy. About 160 people attended the meeting, and feedback on the meeting was very positive.

















  • Dan Schlenk (UC - Riverside) - Pollutant Effects on Fish/Emerging Contaminants (Presentation PDF)
  • Margy Gassel (California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment) - New Safe Eating Guidelines for Bay Fish (Presentation PDF)
  • David Senn (SFEI) - Nutrient Science Strategy (Presentation PDF)
  • Naomi Feger (San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board) - Nutrient Management (Presentation PDF)
  • Jay Davis (SFEI) - A Water Quality Report Card for the Bay (Presentation PDF)
  • Mike Kellogg (City and County of San Francisco) - Beach Water Quality (Presentation PDF)
  • Aroon Melwani (SFEI) - Contaminants in Sport Fish: The Bay in a Statewide Context (Presentation PDF)
  • Brian Anderson (UC Davis) - Sediment and Aquatic Toxicity: The Bay in a Statewide Context (Presentation PDF)
  • Steve Bay (Southern California Coastal Water Research Project) - Molecular Methods for Stressor Identification in Sediment Toxicity Tests (Presentation PDF)
  • John Incardona (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) - Oil Spill and PAH Effects on Fish
  • Ben Greenfield (UC Berkeley) - Patterns of Mercury and PCB Accumulation in Small Fish (Presentation PDF)
  • Denise Greig (The Marine Mammal Center) - Pollutants in Harbor Seals (Presentation PDF)
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