Robin M. Grossinger

Robin M. Grossinger
Senior Scientist
Resilient Landscapes Program Manager
Robin Grossinger is a Senior Scientist at the San Francisco Estuary Institute, where he directs SFEI’s Resilient Landscapes program. For over twenty years, Robin has analyzed how California landscapes have changed since European contact, using these data to guide landscape-scale restoration strategies. Robin and his team lead efforts throughout the state to reintegrate natural processes within our highly modified landscapes, creating healthier and more adaptive neighborhoods, cities, and surrounding landscapes.

The innovative work of Robin and his colleagues to synthesize history and science has been acclaimed for helping scientists, managers, and the public appreciate both the dramatic transformation and the impressive resilience of the state's ecosystems. Robin’s many publications include the Napa Valley Historical Ecology Atlas, released by the University of California Press in 2012, and his work has been featured by NPR, KQED’s QUEST, Saving the Bay, and The New York Times. Among his popular science communication efforts, Robin served as guest-co-curator for the award-winning multi-disciplinary exhibit on San Francisco Bay Above and Below at the Oakland Museum of California. He has been recognized with a Local Hero award from Bay Nature magazine and the Carla Bard Bay Education Award from The Bay Institute and Aquarium of the Bay.
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News and Notables:

Mar-17-15 | Media

An explanatory series focusing on one of the most complex issues facing California: water sharing. And at its core is the Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay Delta. Stay with for all the project's stories.

Mar-16-15 | Events and Appearances

Robin Grossinger and Letitia Grenier present at the Delta Challenges Workshop:

Feb-27-15 | Publications and Reports

Resilient Silicon Valley is a project of the San Francisco Estuary Institute to build the science-based framework needed to guide the design of and investments in regional ecosystem health.

Jan-23-15 | Events and Appearances

How does responsible stewardship of a cultural landscape balance history and ecology?

Nov-19-14 | Media

"SFEI could make art objects out of its reports and sell them"

Oct-30-14 | Media

Delta Landscapes project featured in KQED Science Blog

Oct-28-14 | Publications and Reports

This report provides the first analysis of landscape ecology metrics in the pre-disturbance and contemporary Delta to help define, design, and evaluate functional, resilient landscapes for the future.

Oct-20-14 | Media

Press for the North San Diego County Lagoons Historical Ecology Study "...richly diverse estuaries that made themselves anew as competing forces of saltwater and freshwater claimed their space."

Sep-29-14 | Publications and Reports

An article in Boom: a Journal of California describes how SFEI's Resilient Landscapes team uses historical ecological data to envision future resilient landscapes and shows past-present comparisons of different places from the over two million acres of California ecosystems they have mapped to date.

The article can be viewed online at or downloaded here.

Sep-01-14 | Publications and Reports

An article exploring the work of SFEI's Resilient Landscapes Program was published in the Fall 2014 issue of Boom: A Journal of California.