Contaminant Data Display & Download

Use the Contaminant Data Display and Download Tool

Access to Contaminant Data for the San Francisco Estuary

CD3 enables users to perform spatial queries of water quality data from the San Francisco Estuary and Delta. Data can be dynamically mapped and downloaded as an Excel file. New datasets are regularly made available through this tool.

Two versions of this tool are available. A stand-alone version exists for Internet Explorer. Non-Internet Explorer browsers are able to use the tool with some added features. Users will automatically be forwarded to the appropriate version.

Data Available

Data from the following programs are available through CD3. Click here for more detailed information on the datasets.

  • Regional Monitoring Program for Water Quality in the San Francisco Estuary (RMP)
  • Fish Mercury Project (FMP)
  • City and County of San Francisco (CCSF)
  • SWAMP historic bioaccumulation data

Data Not Available

All data have gone through extensive QA/QC and only data that have successfully passed the QA process are provided. However, CD3 does not provide access to QA/QC data at this time.

For more information regarding the type of data made available through CD3, as well as how to interpret downloaded results, please consult the Data Handling page.

Version History

2009 improvements included:

  • Infrastructure improvements to boost performance
  • Single page layout to allow for easier printing
  • Incorporation of additional data sets
  • Station averaging with the ability to view individual results
  • Histograms and cumulative distribution frequencies on single graph