The Regional Monitoring Program for Water Quality in San Francisco Bay is an innovative collaboration of the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board, the regulated discharger community, and the San Francisco Estuary Institute. It provides water quality regulators with information they need to manage the Bay effectively. The Program issues a report each year, the Pulse of the Bay in odd years and the RMP Update in even years. 

The purpose of The Pulse is to make the most important information available on water quality in the San Francisco Estuary accessible to water quality managers, decision-makers, scientists, and the public. The 2015 Pulse summarizes the present state of Bay water quality and looks into the crystal ball at what the condition of Bay water might be 50 years from now.

The purpose of the RMP Update is to provide a concise overview of recent RMP activities and findings, and a look ahead to significant products anticipated in the next two years. 

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