Regional Data Center

SFEI is the regional data center for the San Francisco Bay-Delta and its watersheds. The Institute manages water quality, tissue, wetlands, historical, and spatial data, and develops tools for uploading, accessing, and visualizing data. The tools below integrate and display data in meaningful ways to inform different audiences.


Featured Tools

  • California Rapid Assessment Method
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  • Contaminant Data Download and Display
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  • EcoAtlas
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  • Geofetch
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California Rapid Assessment Method

CRAM is a cost-effective and scientifically defensible rapid assessment method for monitoring the conditions of wetlands throughout California. It is designed for assessing ambient conditions within watersheds, regions, and throughout the State.

Clean Water

  • Bay Area Trash Tracker

    Tool for Bay Area municipal staff to research available trash capture devices and add maintenance events


    Download statewide water quality and tissue data using user-defined query interface

  • Central Valley Monitoring Directory

    Upload, view, and download program and metadata information on current water quality monitoring efforts

  • Contaminant Data Download and Display

    Map and download water quality and tissue data from the RMP and other projects

  • Data Checker

    Check and upload SWAMP/CEDEN comparable data templates to SFEI's Regional Data Center

  • Healthy Streams Portal

    Access toxicity monitoring data in the sediment and water in California's streams, rivers and lakes

  • My Water Quality Portals

    Access California water quality monitoring and assessment information from theme-based portals

  • Pollutants of Concern Data Review

    Password-protected tool to review and comment on preliminary analytical project data

  • Safe to Eat Portal

    Explore fish contaminant data for your fishing locations and compare to thresholds

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Metals Upload

    Password-protected tool used by the RMP's wastewater treatment plants to upload discharge data and track fees


Landscape Ecology

  • Bay Area Aquatic Resources Inventory

    Learn about Bay Area aquatic resources and download data from GeoFetch

  • California Rapid Assessment Method

    Enter, edit and access assessment data on the health of wetlands and riparian habitats

  • EcoAtlas

    Integrate data and information about aquatic resources and the factors that influence them

  • Geofetch

    Search SFEI's spatial library, view metadata, and download selected datasets. Registration required.

  • National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) Stewardship

    Coordination of local hydrography updates of NHD through partnerships and training. Contact SFEI if interested in participating.

  • Online 401

    Apply for 401 Water Quality Certification or file a Report of Waste Discharge for projects impacting waters of the US or California

  • Riparian Area Mapping Tool v1

    Builds estimated riparian functional area polygons based on both vegetation and hillslope processes

  • South Bay Salt Ponds Restoration Project

    Search the metadata server for information on the largest tidal restoration project on the West Coast

  • Transitional Ecotone Vegetation Data Management System

    Upload and access data from vegetation surveys of intertidal-upland ecotones

  • Wetlands Portal

    View interactive maps on the location, extent and health of the State’s wetland resources


Historical Ecology

  • Historical Delta Interactive Map

    Tour the historical Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and explore maps of the Delta through time

  • Historical Ecology Coast Survey Maps

    Download historical maps of the San Francisco Bay

  • U.S. Coast Survey Maps of California (South Coast)

    Download T-sheets for Southern California and San Francisco Bay


Early Projects

  • Central Coast Wetlands Group

    View natural resource, hydrology, water quality, transportation, and administrative boundary datasets for California’s Central Coast

  • Morro Bay Watershed Pilot Interactive Mapping

    View natural resource, hydrology, water quality, land use, historical imagery, transportation, and administrative boundary datasets for Morro Bay Watershed