SFEI is one of the state's Regional Data Centers (RDC) that exchanges water quality data to the California Environmental Data Exchange Network (CEDEN). SFEI provides data management and visualization services to the San Francisco Bay-Delta and northern montane regions.

Upload Data to RDC

Below are the different stages for uploading data to SFEI’s RDC. Any party collecting surface water quality-related data in California can submit their data to CEDEN. Minimum data quality standards are included in the templates.

1. Inform SFEI staff

Contact SFEI’s Data Services team ds@sfei.org if you want to submit an environmental dataset to CEDEN or make any corrections to existing data. We will provide you with the appropriate data entry templates and documentation for your data type.

2. Populate templates

SFEI can assist with any formatting or controlled vocabulary questions.

3. Use online data checker

Check the format and naming conventions of your data by using SFEI's Data Checker.

Contact SFEI’s Data Services team ds@sfei.org for the User Name and Password. 

4. Submit completed templates

Email templates to SFEI at ds@sfei.org. Staff will upload your data into the RDC and contact you with any questions or issues.

5. View and download data 

CEDEN staff will verify your data’s comparability with statewide standards before making data available on CEDEN’s Query Tool

Once in CEDEN, data will also be shared with other web tools, such as the National Water Quality Portal.


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