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Sutton R, Chen D, Sedlak M.  2014.  Alternative Flame Retardants in San Francisco Bay. Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 2014.  Download: SETAC 2014 Sutton poster web.pdf (2.73 MB); ACS Sutton poster FINAL lowRes.pdf (1.31 MB); BFR Sutton poster final.pdf (2.12 MB)
EI.  2014.  Announcing the New CRAM Information Management System. State of the San Francisco Estuary Conference 2013.  Download: CRAM Oct 2014 web.pdf (2.4 MB)
McKee LJ.  2014.  GreenPlan-IT. Bay Delta Science Conference.  Download: GreenPlanIT-McKee 2014 web.pdf (3.55 MB)
Lowe S, Robinson A, Frontiera P, Cayce K, Collins JN.  2014.  Creating Landscape Profiles of Aquatic Resource Abundance, Diversity and Condition. An Interactive,Web-based Data Analysis Tool that Supports California’sWetland and Riparian Area Monitoring Plan (WRAMP). :21. Download: LPTool_WhitePaper Final_20140930.pdf (651.67 KB)