Stephanie Panlasigui's picture

Stephanie Panlasigui, MEM

Equity and Inclusion Manager
Resilient Landscapes Program
Urban Nature Lab

Stephanie Panlasigui is an Environmental Scientist in the Resilient Landscapes Program, where she contributes to projects spanning a variety of research topics, from nature-based solutions in the urban environment, to marsh restoration and resilience in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta. 

She came to SFEI with a strong drive to address environmental equity issues, and was appointed as the organization's Equity and Inclusion Manager. She and members of the Justice League – our committee on diversity, equity, inclusion and justice (DEIJ) – steer SFEI to better incorporate DEIJ principles within the organization and throughout the work that we do.

Stephanie earned a Master of Environmental Management degree in Ecosystem Science and Conservation from Duke University. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences from UC Berkeley. Prior to joining SFEI, she conducted ecosystem services research with the US Environmental Protection Agency, including studies on urban heat island mitigation, floodplain mapping and freshwater conservation prioritization. She also brings experience in land conservation and community engagement in environmental stewardship.

Related Projects, News, and Events

Suisun Landscapes (Project)

As the largest brackish marsh on the West Coast, Suisun Marsh is a unique transitional landscape between the Bay and the Delta portions of the Estuary. The Marsh has long been managed for recreational hunting and native biodiversity, yet it is threatened by an uncertain future under climate change. Sea level rise and increasing salinity pose significant threats to the current structure and uses of the Marsh. Likely impacts include conversion of wetlands to open water, changes in species composition, increased flood risk, and drainage challenges in managed wetlands.

Landscape Scenario Planning Tool (Project)

This project is a tool for planning scenarios of landscape-scale restoration. The tool is designed to inform ongoing and future restoration planning efforts. In particular, this tool will help inform implementation of restoration objectives as described in the Delta Plan, as well as the ongoing Ecosystem Amendment to Chapter 4.

Introducing the Landscape Scenario Planning Tool Version 2.0 (News)

In partnership with the Delta Stewardship Council, the San Francisco Estuary Institute has developed version 2.0 of the Landscape Scenario Planning Tool, a GIS-based analysis toolkit to evaluate user-designed land use and restoration scenarios for the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and Suisun Marsh. This free mapping toolbox brings together ten years of science-based research and peer-reviewed methods for California’s Delta-Suisun region. 

Preparing for the Storm (Project)

Catalyzed by the extensive damages caused by the Winter 2016-2017 storms and the opportunity to align flood response with major habitat improvement, Preparing for the Storm is an innovative public-private partnership to improve watershed health and resilience in the Alameda Creek watershed.

Ecology for Health (Project)

This project is integrating research from the largely separate fields of urban ecology and public health to create design guidance that advances both ecological and human health in cities.