Bronwen Stanford's picture

Bronwen Stanford, PhD

Environmental Scientist
Resilient Landscapes Program
Historical Ecology
Urban Nature Lab
Watershed Science & Management

Bronwen Stanford is an applied ecologist in the Resilient Landscapes program at the San Francisco Estuary Institute. Her research seeks to identify management strategies to support both ecological function and human benefit in aquatic ecosystems and the landscapes that surround them. Bronwen has a Ph.D. in Environmental Studies from the University of California Santa Cruz, where she studied land use impacts on stream restoration outcomes. After completing her PhD, she worked to develop ecological flows as part of the statewide instream flow program at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Prior to graduate school she worked in SFEI's historical ecology program. She received her B.A. from Stanford University.

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Next Generation Urban Greening (Project)

SFEI is working with partners across the Bay Area to design tools to help cities achieve biodiversity, stormwater, and climate benefits through multifunctional green infrastructure.

East Contra Costa County Historical Ecology Study (Project)

SFEI conducted a historical ecology assessment of natural resources in East Contra Costa County in partnership with Contra Costa County and the Contra Costa Watershed Forum. Through the study, SFEI collected and analyzed data to build understanding of the historical alignments of creeks, the natural pattern of riparian and dryland habitat types, and the locations of former seasonal and perennial wetlands.

Alameda Creek Historical Ecology Study (Project)

The Alameda Creek Historical Ecology Study assesses watershed conditions prior to significant Euro-American modification, as a basis for understanding subsequent changes in watershed structure and function, and potential options for future environmental management. The geographic focus is the floodplains, valleys, and alluvial plains adjacent to Alameda Creek (to the diversion dam) and its tributaries. This includes the Livermore and Amador valleys, Sunol Valley and Niles Canyon, and the Niles cone and adjoining baylands. A pilot portion of the project also focuses on documenting landscape changes in the uplands of the San Antonio Creek watershed.

City of Riverside Urban and Historical Ecology Case Study (Project)

This study focuses on a segment of the Santa Ana River Parkway in and around the City of Riverside, where multiple habitat restoration projects are underway.