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Alicia Gilbreath, MLA-EP

Senior Scientist
Clean Water Program
Bay Regional Monitoring Program
Contaminants of Emerging Concern
Sources, Pathways, & Loadings
Watershed Monitoring and Modeling

Alicia Gilbreath is an environmental scientist at the San Francisco Estuary Institute, where she splits her time between field-based monitoring and investigations and office-based data analysis, research and writing. Alicia earned a BA in Philosophy and BS in Psychology from UC Davis, and an MLA with an emphasis in Environmental Planning from UC Berkeley. She joined SFEI's Watersheds Program in 2006. Primarily Alicia's work for the Institute has focused on monitoring and modeling pollutant concentrations and loads in stormwater. Whether it's for SFEI field work or taking her boys on special wet and muddy adventures in the Oakland hills, Alicia loves getting outside for big storms.

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RMP Publication: Storm Flows Key to Managing Pollution in Highly Urban Watersheds (News)

Urban runoff is a large and potentially controllable source of pollutants to San Francisco Bay and many other urban aquatic ecosystems around the world. In a RMP study conducted in water years 2007-2010, SFEI scientists made intensive measurements for suspended sediments and a range of trace organic pollutants (PCBs, dioxins, PAHs, PBDEs, pyrethroids and OC pesticides) in dry weather and storm flow runoff from a fully urban watershed in Hayward.