Megan Wheeler's picture

Megan Wheeler

Environmental Scientist
Resilient Landscapes Program
Urban Nature Lab

Megan Wheeler is an Environmental Scientist with the Resilient Landscapes Team at SFEI. She holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Life Sciences from Arizona State University and a B.S. in Mathematical and Computational Ecology from Harvey Mudd College. Her dissertation focused on the social and environmental drivers of urban vegetation change over time. Her work uses a social-ecological approach to evaluate how urban management and design can benefit both people and biodiversity.

Related Projects, News, and Events

Quail in Urban Parks (Project)

SFEI is using bird observations from eBird to study habitat suitability and build occupancy models for California Quail to inform the Presidio Trust and other park managers how management interventions could help improve quail survival.

Newly published research sheds light on the future of the California quail (News)

The Journal of Applied Ecology has just published research by Kelly Iknayan of the San Francisco Estuary Institute (SFEI) and co-authors from the Presidio Trust and SFEI that will help to guide a joint study on the feasibility of bringing back the native California quail to San Francisco. 

New article published in Nature Sustainability linking COVID-19 to nature equity, showing communities of color face starkest burden (News)

Erica Spotswood and a team of scientists published pioneering research in Nature Sustainability, finding that COVID-19 tracks neighborhood greenness in the US, exacerbating existing inequity. The study, titled “Nature inequity and higher COVID-19 case rates in less green neighbourhoods in the United States,” demonstrates a fundamental pattern that low-income and majority-minority communities systematically have less access to nature in urban areas across the U.S.

Google Ecology Advising (Project)

SFEI collaborates with the Google Ecology Program to advance the science and application of urban biodiversity and nature-based sustainability planning.

Next Generation Urban Greening (Project)

SFEI is working with partners across the Bay Area to design tools to help cities achieve biodiversity, stormwater, and climate benefits through multifunctional green infrastructure.

East Palo Alto Urban Forest Master Plan (Project)

SFEI is partnering with the City of East Palo Alto, the urban forestry non-profit Canopy, and HortScience | Bartlett Consulting to develop an Urban Forest Master Plan for the city.

Sports and Urban Biodiversity (Project)

SFEI collaborated with the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to create a guide to incorporating nature into urban sports, from the development of Olympic cities to the design and management of the many sport fields throughout the urban landscape.