Micaela Bazo's picture

Micaela Bazo

Associate Environmental Scientist
Resilient Landscapes Program

Micaela is an Associate Environmental Scientist in the Resilient Landscapes program.  Her work focuses on process oriented strategies for ecologically robust and culturally rich environments.  She holds a Masters in Landscape Architecture from the University of California-Berkeley and a Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies from Vassar College.  Prior to joining SFEI, Micaela worked in design, planning, water engineering and real estate development.

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Building Cities to Better Support Biodiversity (News)

Erica Spotswood and a team of other SFEI scientists have developed a framework outlining the key elements for supporting biodiversity in urban environments. 

Making Nature's City (Project)

Cities will face many challenges over the coming decades, from adapting to a changing climate to accommodating rapid population growth. A related suite of challenges threatens global biodiversity, resulting in many species facing extinction. While urban planners and conservationists have long treated these issues as distinct, there is growing evidence that cities not only harbor a significant fraction of the world’s biodiversity, but also that they can also be made more livable and resilient for people, plants, and animals through nature-friendly urban design. 

Photo Credits: Micha Salomon (L), Dee Shea Himes (R)

Healthy Watersheds Resilient Baylands (Project)

Through the Healthy Watersheds Resilient Baylands project, SFEI and sixteen partner organizations is developing multi-benefit tools to enhance climate change resilience in San Francisco Bay. Healthy Watersheds Resilient Baylands has three major components: Making Nature’s City: a Science-based Framework for Building Urban Biodiversity, Tidal Wetlands Restoration and Implementation Projects.