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Kyle Stark

Environmental Scientist
Resilient Landscapes Program
Watershed Science & Management

After graduating from the College of William and Mary in 2013, Kyle began his career working for an environmental consulting agency working with U.S. government on remediation of superfund sites and department of defense bases. After a few exciting years up and down the East Coast, he accepted a position in the New Mexico Tech Hydrology graduate, where he earned a MSc in 2018 and Ph.D in 2022. His thesis topics focused on sediment transport in intermittently flowing streams in the desert southwest. Kyle joined SFEI in 2022 with an expertise in sediment transport and analyzing river flow datasets from around the San Francisco bay watershed.

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Preparing for the Storm (Project)

Catalyzed by the extensive damages caused by the Winter 2016-2017 storms and the opportunity to align flood response with major habitat improvement, Preparing for the Storm is an innovative public-private partnership to improve watershed health and resilience in the Alameda Creek watershed.