San Francisco Bay Fish Smart Sign


San Francisco Bay Fish Eating Guidelines

Brochure outlining the updated San Francisco Bay health
advisory for sport fish, released in 2011.


Shark cover version of the brochure:
English version:
SFBayAdvisory.Eng_Shark.Web__2.pdf (773.38 KB)
Cambodian version:
SFBayAdvisory.Camb_Shark.Web__2.pdf (1.32 MB)
Chinese version:
SFBayAdvisory.Chinese_Shark.Web__0.pdf (1.25 MB)
Japanese version:
SFBayAdvisory.Japanese_Shark.Web_.pdf (1.28 MB)
Korean version:
SFBayAdvisory.Korean_Shark.Web_.pdf (1.57 MB)
Laotian version:
SFBayAdvisory.Lao_Shark.Web_.pdf (2.3 MB)
Samoan version:
SFBayAdvisory.Sam_Shark.Web_.pdf (1.21 MB)
Spanish version:
SFBayAdvisorySpanish_Shark5-9-13.pdf (980.18 KB)
Tagalog version:
SFBayAdvisory.Tag_Shark.Web_.pdf (1.29 MB)
Tongan version:
SFBayAdvisory.Tongan_Shark.Web_.pdf (1.32 MB)
Vietnamese version:
SFBayAdvisory.Viet_Shark.Web_.pdf (1.22 MB)

Cover Clinic Brochure for Website.png

Clinic version of the brochure:
English version:
SFBayAdvisory.Eng_Clinic.Web_.pdf (848.14 KB)
Cambodian version:
SFBayAdvisory.Camb_Clinic.Web_.pdf (1.27 MB)
Chinese version:
SFBayAdvisory.Chinese_Clinic.Web_.pdf (1.19 MB)
Japanese version:
SFBayAdvisory.Japanese_Clinic.Web_.pdf (1.22 MB)
Korean version:
SFBayAdvisory.Korean_Clinic.Web_.pdf (1.51 MB)
Laotian version:
SFBayAdvisory.Lao_Clinic.Web_.pdf (2.24 MB...