The SAG guides the development of community-based outreach, education, and exposure reduction activities. SAG meetings are also intended to promote collaboration among stakeholders and keep members updated on the progress of the project and related activities.The first SAG meeting was held in December 2010.


The overall mission of the San Francisco Bay Fish Project (SFBFP) is to reduce human exposure to mercury and PCBs from consumption of contaminated San Francisco Bay fish. The stakeholder advisory group’s (SAG’s) primary function is to review and guide the risk communication and exposure reduction activities implemented under this project. The SAG also provides a forum for SAG members to learn about fish contamination and related topics, and promote collaboration and new activities among SAG members.

Membership and Representation:

The SAG is open to all interested parties. CDPH seeks broad representation from community-based groups and local agencies, including those who work closely with fishing populations, manage fishing access locations, or are simply interested in addressing this problem.