Estuary News, a publication of the San Francisco Estuary Partnership, had been reporting San Francisco Bay, Delta and watershed news for over 25 years, and won an award for excellence in 2011. This 12-page mini-magazine came out four times a year on paper and in PDF. It covered everything from restoration and conservation to the water wars, and offers insider information on the latest debates, regulations and science on contaminants, endangered species and invasives.

Though the Clean Water Act did an amazing job of reducing wastewater and stormwater pollution of the San Francisco Estuary, some contaminants remain thorny problems. Legacy pollutants, emerging contaminants, microplastics, and nutrients have become a particular challenges for the Estuary. Recurring topics in our Estuary News stories include plastics, mercury, emerging contaminants (PBDE, PFOS, BPA, etc), fish consumption, and the findings of the Bay’s Regional Monitoring Program (RMP). Coverage also explored what to do about polluted runoff (see Greening Stormwater). The Bay RMP thanks Estuary News for all the work and coverage it has been able to share on these issues.

The Bay RMP contributed to the production of Estuary News, and many articles feature the latest Bay RMP findings: