This project is funded by an USEPA wetland development grant (2015-2017) to develop a recommended funding and business model for the EcoAtlas toolset.   EcoAtlas is synonymous with the framework and toolset recommended in the State's Wetland and Riparian Area Monitoring Plan (WRAMP) of the California Wetland Monitoring Workgroup (CWMW). EcoAtlas operationalizes WRAMP framework by enabling users to assess the abundance, distribution, diversity, and condition of surface waters in the landscape or watershed context.  EcoAtlas has been used to apply the WRAMP framework for wetland and stream protection in a variety of California watersheds, and it can be adapted to support natural resource planning, assessment, monitoring, and reporting. EcoAtlas, in essence, represents a distillation of the best science-based, rigorous thinking and planning conducted by the CWMW over the course of many years.

The Business Plan project requires delivery of several planning documents, including initial planning memos and a final, compiled recommendation for an EcoAtlas business plan to support standardized wetland and riparian area monitoring and assessment in support of the State’s Wetland Policy.  As the memos are completed, they will be submitted to SFEI’s online documents library and made available through links below.


Memo1: Introduce EcoAtlas (link)

An overview of the EcoAtlas tools, their intended (target) user community, and the short- and long-term intended applications.

Memo 2: Existing Business Models

Summary of existing funding models for data management, visualization, and access services (such as those that support CNDDB, BIOS, SWAMP).  The advantages of using regionally customized tools that draw from EcoAtlas’ core functions will be presented along with examples of existing and emerging regional programs that are adopting EcoAtlas.

Memo 3: Final Recommendation for the EcoAtlas Toolset Business Plan

This final memo recommends potential business model/s for EcoAtlas tools for wetland monitoring and assessment to support the intended user community.  

California Water Quality Monitoring Council Endorsement

On February 13, 2018, the California Water Quality Monitoring Council formally endorsed the Business Plan, as documented in this letter. The Council has been very encouraging regarding the California Wetland Monitoring Workgroup's pursuit of sustainable funding.

Bill Orme (SWRCB, 401 Certification)
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