Enhancing Regional Capacity for Habitat Restoration Project Tracking, Assessment and Reporting

This project expands the current capabilities of the wetland project tracking system for the monitoring and assessment of California’s aquatic resources to meet the project tracking, assessment, and reporting needs for current and planned habitat restoration in the San Francisco Bay-Delta and Central Valley. The main tasks include identifying additional data fields and functionality needed; incorporating identified needs into the statewide system, EcoAtlas, and modifying existing tools; and merging regional habitat conservation databases into EcoAtlas.  


The result is an enhanced tracking system that meets current and projected needs for analysis of landscape change and measurements of success of these efforts within the regional context. Additional data, queries and mapping functionality allow for better analyses of changes in habitat extent and condition; landscape-scale conservation planning efforts; prioritization of restoration areas; evaluation of progress toward meeting conservation objectives; partnership establishment; and leveraging of restoration resources.


By providing the tools needed to track and analyze landscape change and measure success of these efforts, we will improve our ability to conserve important habitats strategically in the future.

Project Tracking

  • Expanded project-related tracking of progress towards conservation goals and objectives, including those related to habitats, acres, species, and funding
  • Expanded representation of habitat restoration projects in the San Francisco Bay-Delta and Central Valley
  • Standardized forms for entering and editing documents to a project's file repository

Interactive Maps

  • Custom tools for exploring data, filltering map view, and downloading information and geospatial data
  • New data layers, queries and map functionality for better analyses of changes in habitat extent and condition

Assessment and Reporting

  • Reporting tools to assist with landscape-scale conservation planning efforts
  • Summarized information to assist in the prioritizing of restoration areas, leveraging of restoration resources, establishing partnerships, and tracking progress towards meeting conservation objectives
2013 to 2015
Programs and Focus Areas: 
Environmental Informatics Program
Wetland Monitoring & Assessment
Location Information
General Project Location(s): 
San Francisco Bay-Delta and Central Valley