A suite of ecosystem indicators has been approved by the Implementation Committee for the San Francisco Estuary. Work continues on refining the indicators and collaborative partnerships are being sought with agencies to track the indicators. SFEP tracks one indicator, habitat - the acquisition, restoration and enhancement of wetlands and riparian habitat. The information is recorded in the annual Government Performance and Results Act report required by EPA. SFEI will continue to manage this task for SFEP. Funds are used for building consensus on the need for scientifically valid, leading environmental indicators; developing a framework for interagency cooperation and collaboration on indicator development and refinement; and seeking commitments for ongoing financial and programmatic support for indicators and performance measures. Additionally, we will identify a subset of indicators considered useful in the assessment of the environmental condition related to the CCMP, and other indicators (birds) considered important.


The Bay Institute
Point Reyes Bird Observatory (PRBO)
Center for Ecosystem Management and Restoration (CEMAR)


San Francisco Estuary Partnership (SFEP)

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