Jan 6, 2014

The first ever compilation of research focused on sediment transport in the San Francisco Bay coastal system was published in November as a special issue of the journal Marine Geology, edited by USGS scientists. The volume’s 21 papers investigate this complex and ever-changing system through the lenses of hydrology, chemistry, ecology and many other disciplines. The authors characterize how water-borne sand and mud affect not just local landforms and hydrology but also environments hundreds of miles away, through the Golden Gate to the Pacific Ocean and beyond. The research will help planners manage resources of benefit to more than 25 million Californians.

RMP Senior Environmental Scientist Lester McKee co-authored the special issue's introductory article and was the lead author for the article "Comparison of sediment supply to San Francisco Bay from watersheds draining the Bay Area and the Central Valley of California." 



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