Mar 24, 2021

The release of “Towards a Coarse Sediment Strategy for the Bay Area” represents a step forward towards beneficially reusing coarse flood control channel sediment by outlining reuse challenges, and identifying incentives for participation and potential solutions. This work was funded by the US EPA Water Quality Improvement Fund Preparing for the Storm grant and conducted by SFEI, in partnership with Zone 7 Water Agency and the San Francisco Bay Joint Venture.

This document represents collective understanding from the Coarse Sediment Reuse Workshop, held on November 12th, 2020, hosted by the project team and funded by the grant. The goal of the workshop was to gain knowledge and feedback from participants’ experience in removing, transporting, reusing, and permitting coarse sediment, specifically with a focus on reuse of flood control channel sediment for Bayland restoration.

The project is also supporting SediMatch tool improvements for coarse sediment reuse, which will be incorporated into the tool over the next month. For more information about SediMatch, please click here.

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Julie Beagle
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Resilient Landscapes Program
Watershed Science & Management