2023. 2023 RMP Margins & Nearfield Sediment and Prey Fish Cruise Report. SFEI Contribution No. 1190. San Jose State University Research Foundation: Moss Landing, CA.

This report contains information on the summer 2023 field sampling efforts conducted by the San Jose State University Research Foundation’s (SJSURF) Marine Pollution Studies Lab at Moss Landing Marine Labs (MPSL-MLML) in support of the Regional Monitoring Program’s (RMP) Central and South Bay Near-field and Margins chemical contaminant study. The work was contracted through the San Francisco Estuary Institute (SFEI) to SJSURF to collect sediment and prey fish tissue samples.
This report includes sample collections over a four week period (August 21st through September 14th) encompassing four trips. A total of 38 sediment and 12 prey fish sites were sampled, three of which included collecting duplicate sediment samples (Appendix A). Detailed sample counts and protocols can be found in the “2023 Bay Prey Fish and Near-field / Margins Sediment Sampling and Analysis Plan” prepared by SFEI.