SFEI Board Role: 
Job Title: 
District Engineer

Prabhakar Somavarapu was appointed District Engineer in June 2013. He oversees the operations of both the Sacramento Regional County Sanitation District (Regional San) and the Sacramento Area Sewer District (SASD).

Prabhakar began his career with Regional San in 1996 in the Engineering Section at the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant (SRWTP). He later managed the Operations Support Group and Asset Management program at SRWTP and then served as Regional San Director of Operations in charge of operations, maintenance, engineering, administration, construction programs and laboratory services for all Regional San treatment and conveyance facilities.

In 2010, he was appointed Director of Policy and Planning for both Regional San and SASD, where he oversaw the long-range planning efforts, rate and fee development, regulatory and legislative affairs, scientific research, wastewater source control and high-level policy development.

Somavarapu holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from India, and a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from New Mexico State University at Las Cruces, New Mexico.