Job Title: 
Deputy Director, Division of Water Quality

Karen Mogus is responsible for statewide water quality planning, policy development and implementation, statewide permitting, and establishing consistency among the nine Regional Water Quality Control Boards. Prior to joining the Division of Water Quality, she served as the Assistant Deputy Director of the Division of Drinking Water where she directed the development of a regulatory framework for potable reuse of recycled water, worked to address drinking water quality issues in disadvantaged communities, and led the review of the state’s environmental laboratory accreditation program. She also has served as Director of the State Water Board’s Office of Information Management and Analysis and spent 10 years at the Central Valley Regional Water Board working on a variety of water quality control and assessment programs.

Karen currently serves as the Chair for the California Water Quality Monitoring Council, is a commissioner for the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project, and a board member for the Aquatic Science Center and the California Stormwater Authority.