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Salomon, M.; San Francisco Estuary Institute; Costa, Cof Contra. 2011. Contra Costa County 1939 Aerial Photomosaic, GIS layer containing orthorectified historical aerial imagery of Contra Costa County from 1939.
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Askevold, R. A.; Whipple, A.; Grossinger, R. M.; Stanford, B.; Salomon, M. N. 2011. East Contra Costa Historical Ecology Study GIS data, GIS data produced for the East Contra Costa County Historical Ecology Study.
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Sowers, J. M.; Salomon, M. N.; Ticci, M.; Beller, E. E.; Grossinger, R. M. 2012. Watching Our Watersheds: Santa Clara Valley Past, Google Earth KMZ files: Santa Clara Valley historical points of interest, stream courses and habitats.
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H. T. Harvey & Associates; San Francisco Estuary Institute (SFEI). 2017. Annotated Bibliography for Sycamore Alluvial Woodland Habitat Mapping and Regeneration Studies Project.

One component of the Sycamore Alluvial Woodland Habitat Mapping and Regeneration Studies Project is this annotated bibliography of existing scientific literature pertaining to California sycamore ecology. This annotated bibliography is a product of an extensive review into documents, mapping efforts, and personal communications, and presents sources that have been determined to be relevant to understanding the factors that influence California sycamore health and regeneration in central California. The annotated bibliography is divided into the following sections by topic: General Ecology; Historical and Present Distribution; Restoration Ecology and Management; Wildlife Ecology; Geomorphology; Hydrology and Soils; and Health and Regeneration. Each item is briefly summarized and its relevance to the project is described. References that fall under multiple categories are cross-referenced within the document. Similarly, key words are indicated or each reference to highlight various subtopics affecting California sycamore ecology.

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