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Gunther, A. J.; O'Connor, J. M.; Davis, J. A. 1992. Priority pollutant loads from effluent discharges to the San Francisco Estuary. Water Environment Research 64, 134-140 . SFEI Contribution No. 171.
Gunther, A. J.; Davis, J. A. 1998. An evaluation of bioaccumulation monitoring with transplanted bivalves in the RMP. SFEI Contribution No. 322. San Francisco Estuary Institute: Richmond, CA. pp 187-200.
Gunther, A. J.; Ogle, S. R. 2000. San Francisco Bay Episodic Toxicity Report:1999 Progress Report. SFEI Contribution No. 346. San Francisco Estuary Institute: Richmond, CA.
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Gunther, A. J. 1988. The Bioavailability of Toxic Contaminants in the San Francisco Bay-Delta: Proceedings of a Two-Day Seminar Series. SFEI Contribution No. 142. San Francisco Bay - Delta Aquatic Habitat Institute, Richmond, CA: Berkeley, CA.
Gunther, A. J.; Phillips, D. J. H.; Davis, J. A. 1987. An Assesssment of the Loading of Toxic Contaminants to the San Francisco Bay-Delta. SFEI Contribution No. 137. San Francisco Estuary Institute: Richmond. p 330.
Gunther, A. J.; Blanchard, C.; Gardels, K. 1991. The Loading of Toxic Contaminants to the San Francisco Bay -Delta in Urban Runoff. SFEI Contribution No. 167. San Francisco Estuary Institue: Richmond, CA. p 82.
Gunther, A. J. 1987. The Segmentation of the San Francisco Bay/Delta. SFEI Contribution No. 135. San Francisco Estuary Institute: Richmond, CA. p 18.
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