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Collins, J. N. 2002. San Francisco Estuary Wetalnds Regional Monitoring Program Plan: Version 1, Framework and Protocols. SFEI Contribution No. 248. San Francisco Estuary Institute: Oakland, CA. p 94.
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Collins, J. N.; Lowe, S.; Pearce, S.; Roberts, C. 2014. Santa Rosa Plain Wetlands Profile: A Demonstration of the CaliforniaWetland and Riparian Area Monitoring Plan. SFEI Contribution No. 726. San Francisco Estuary Institute - Aquatic Science Center: Richmond, CA. p 46.
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Collins, J. N.; Wittner, E.; Grosso, C. 2003. South Bay Updates Modern Baylands Habitat Coverage Bay Area EcoAtlas Information System. SFEI Contribution No. 282. San Francisco Estuary Institute: Oakland, CA.
Lowe, S.; Josh Collins; Pearce, S. 2013. Statistical Design, Analysis, and Graphics for the Guadalupe River Watershed Assessment 2012. SFEI Contribution No. 687. San Francisco Estuary Institute: Richmond, CA.
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Collins, J. N. 2002. Summary of Crissy Field Monitoring Elements. San Francisco Estuary Institute.
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Greenfield, B. K.; Davis, J. A.; Collins, J. N.; Grenier, J. Letitia. 2002. The tidal marsh food web. SFEI Contribution No. 472. University of California: Berkeley, CA. p 12 pp.
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Lowe, S.; Salomon, M.; Pearce, S.; Josh Collins; Titus, D. 2016. Upper Pajaro River Watershed Condition Assessment 2015. Technical memorandum prepared for the Santa Clara Valley Water District - Priority D5 Project. SFEI Contribution No. 810. San Francisco Estuary Institute: Richmond, CA. p 60.

In 2015 The Santa Clara Valley Water District and it's consultants conducted a watershed wide survey to characterize the distribution and abundance of the aquatic resources within the upper Pajaro River watershed wtihin Santa Clara County, CA based on available GIS datasets, and to assess the overall ecological condition of streams within the watershed based on a statistically based random sample design and the California Rapid Assessment Method for streams (CRAM).

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Lowe, S. 2019. West Valley Watershed Assessment 2018: Baseline Ecological Condition Assessment of Southwest San Francisco Bay Creeks in Santa Clara County; Calabazas, San Tomas Aquino, Saratoga, Sunnyvale East and West. Salomon, M., Pearce, S., Josh Collins, Titus, D., Eds.. SFEI Contribution No. 944. San Francisco Estuary Institute: Richmond.

This report describes baseline information about the amount and distribution of aquatic resources, and evaluates the overall ecological conditions of streams using the California Rapid Assessment Method (CRAM), for the West Valley watershed in Santa Clara County; consisting of Sunnyvale East and West Channels, Calabazas Creek, San Tomas Aquino and Saratoga creeks, and many smaller tributaries.

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