Bay Area Aquatic Resource Inventory (BAARI)

BAARI is a base map of the Bay Area's aquatic features: wetlands, open water, streams, ditches, tidal marshes and flats, and riparian areas.

California Wetland and Riparian Area Protection Policy Technical Support

Through the ASC, SFEI is working with a team of technical advisor to provide the breadth and depth of scientific understanding about wetlands and riparian areas needed to assure the scientific credibility of the new state policy to protect California's Wetlands.

California Wetlands Portal (Wetland Tracker)

Where are California's wetlands? The California Wetlands Portal is a tool designed to answer this question.

Ecological Connections between Baylands and Uplands

A team of senior scientists was assembled to draft a set of descriptions of how eleven "focal species" in eastern Marin County connect the various parts of the landscape into one ecological whole.

Estuary 2100 Technical Support - Round 1

Estuary 2100 is an integrated set of projects aimed at protecting and enhancing San Francisco Estuary. The project is led by the San Francisco Estuary Partnership. SFEI is providing technical and monitoring support to all partners in the grant.

Flood Control 2.0

Rebuilding Habitat and Shoreline Resilience through a New Generation of Flood Control Channel Design and Management

Historical Wetlands of the Southern California Coast: An Atlas of US Coast Survey T-Sheets 1851-1889

This project is the first regional assessment of the relative distribution and abundance of different wetland habitat types along the historical Southern California coastline.

Montezuma Technical Review Team

The Montezuma Project is a for-profit venture to restore 2,500 acres of brackish tidal marsh in the western Delta using dredged sediment.

Riparian Mercury Biosentinel Project

Coming Soon

South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Science Team

SFEI participates on the SBSPRP Science Team to provide review to project consultants and to assist the Project Management Team with the development of a long-range science program for the project.

South Baylands Mercury Project (SBMP)

2008 was the third and last year of a project to characterize and monitor bio-available mercury and its uptake into local food webs of the South Bay managed ponds and intertidal habitats, focusing initially on Pond A8 and Alviso Slough.

State of the Bay

SFEI, the San Francisco Estuary Partnership, Center for Ecosystem Management and Restoration, the Point Reyes Bird Observatory, and The Bay Institute together assess the ecological health of the San Francisco Estuary ecosystem and follow the trends of San Francisco Estuary ecosystem conditions.

Stream Goals Demonstration Project

The SFEI Waterlands Group (Wetland Science, Watershed Science, and Historical Ecology) is developing a workshop for watershed planners to investigate the technical and policy-related obstacles and benefits to setting watershed-specific goals for managing environmental water.

Wetlands Regional Monitoring Project

This Prop 50 - funded project was a three-year effort to monitor and track changes in Bay Area wetland condition using the EPA's three-level monitoring framework.