Chuck Striplen

Chuck Striplen
Environmental Scientist
Dr. Striplen received a double B.A. in Biology and Environmental Studies from UC Santa Cruz in 1992, and his MS (2011) and PhD (2014) from UC Berkeley's Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management. He is also currently a Visiting Scholar in Anthropology at Cal. An avid student of landscape history and Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK), Dr. Striplen adds another layer of complexity to the Historical Ecology Program's analysis of the physical and ecological characteristics of the region's wetlands, creeks, and terrestrial habitats prior to major Euro-American colonization. Through the use of early historical documents, oral histories, and other ethno-ecological sources, Dr. Striplen is currently developing a Cultural Landscapes focus area at SFEI, and contributes analyses of Native Californian resource management that shaped the landscape first encountered by European explorers. Dr. Striplen joined SFEI's Historical Ecology Team in 2002.
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News and Notables:

Jul-07-14 | Archive

The Resilient Landscapes (RL) team delivered a number of presentations during the last quarter highlighting recent accomplishments and initiatives.

Mar-01-14 | Archive

The Resilient Landscapes team is poised to complete several major projects and reports in the near future.

Jul-02-12 | Media

Valley oaks are a rich part of California's history. Can re-oaking make them part of our future?

Dec-12-11 | Media

Chuck Striplen: The idea is not to restore the landscape to what we had in 1769, but to understand it better so that we can manage the land better.

Dec-05-11 | Media

Chuck Striplen: We’re using the best available science to understand how these ecosystems work but with the realization that people were managing them for thousands of years...A lot of these habitats could not have physically existed absent human management, like the coastal prairies and hills in the Santa Cruz mountains.

Nov-17-11 | Publications and Reports

We are excited to announce the completion of the The East Contra Costa County Historical Ecology Study. The report documents the historical land cover and stream patterns of East Contra Costa County in the mid-1800s.

Oct-27-11 | Events and Appearances

Chuck is pushing the timeline of historical ecology back to look at how our landscapes were managed and modified by tribes for more than ten thousand years prior to the arrival of the Spanish in 1769.

Apr-22-11 | Media

The award-winning documentary featuring SFEI scientists will air nationally.

Apr-01-11 | Media

This is the most recent piece on Quiroste by Eric Simons, author of the recent book "Darwin slept here."

Nov-10-10 | Coordination and Collaboration

Robin Grossinger, Ruth Askevold and Chuck Striplen contributed to Rebecca Solnit's new book "Infinite City: A San Francisco Atlas", just published by UC Press.